Addressing or referring to the Bishop

 Bishop James is relaxed about how people address him, but the following may be helpful.

  • If introducing or welcoming the Bishop in a semi-formal setting, it is probably best to refer to him initially as ‘The Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Revd James Langstaff’. After that initial introduction, however, simply ‘Bishop James’ is fine.
  • In one-to-one conversation, the usual pattern is to address the Bishop simply as ‘Bishop’ or ‘Bishop James’.
  • In a much more formal setting, the proper mode of address would be ‘My Lord Bishop’ – not ‘Your Grace’ (that is usually for Archbishops).

Bishopscourt Who’s who?

 The Bishop’s Office is at Bishopscourt in Rochester.  The main office telephone number is 01634 842721 and the principal email address is  Those who support his work are:

  • Emma Simpson-Duke (Executive Administrator)
  • Lindsay Llewellyn-MacDuff (Bishop’s Chaplain)
    • Lindsay liaises with many of the places where the Bishop is to officiate or visit (especially parishes, schools and the cathedral), agreeing orders of service and other details; Lindsay also works as Worship Development Adviser within the Diocesan Formation and Ministry Team.
    • E-mail:
  • Klare Gregory (Administrator)
    • Klare provides administrative support to the Bishop and the whole team, working closely with both Emma and Lindsay; she  coordinates the administration of clergy appointment procedures and makes arrangements for hospitality at Bishopscourt.
    • E-mail: