James Langstaff

A Bishop Reflects

The story is us – an Easter sermon

  Sermon preached Easter Day (5th April) 2015 at Rochester Cathedral, at the Easter Liturgy with Baptism & Confirmation Readings: Exodus 14.10-31 & 15.20-21; Romans 6.3-11; Mark 16.1-8   And then?  What next?  For what we have just heard is the end of St Mark’s gospel as we have it.  His account of the resurrection leaves us hanging there.  ‘He has been raised; he is not here’, the women are told; an indication that.. Read More

God shining through my jar of clay: a sermon for the Chrism Eucharist

Preached: 2nd April 2015 – Maundy Thursday at Rochester Cathedral 1 Samuel 16.1-13a; 2 Corinthians 3.17-4.12; Luke 22.24-30  It’s one of the great pieces of dramatic writing in the Scriptures – the choosing and anointing of David.   The narrative builds up the tension as each of the sons of Jesse appears in turn before Samuel.  And finally the youngest appears – and this is the one.  David – called, chosen and anointed.  David,.. Read More